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Get Dirty!

I LOVE gardening and gardening barefoot is even better. The soft soil under my feet is so comforting, like coming home.

I was helping my grandparents put in their garden this spring. They are 87 and 90 and they have had a huge garden their entire lives!

As a kid I remember they had corn, and raspberries and tomatoes and potatoes and garlic, and lettuce and cucumbers and well everything! They’ve scaled it down over the years to make it more manageable, but this spring we still planted a ton of veggies! And to be honest I’m quite certain having this garden is part of the reason they are still so fit, healthy and young for their age. Dirt keeps you well! (there is even something called the "farm effect" where children raised on sustainable farms overall have less allergies and asthma compared to children raised on conventional farms)

The study of the Microbiome (all the trillions bugs that live on us and in us) is becoming more and more prevalent as we learn how the health of our Microbiome is a massive contributor to our health overall. And getting down in the dirt is one of the best ways to keep your microbiome happy and thriving. The microorganisms in the dirt are better able to withstand the harsh environment of your stomach and make it into your gut which is where we want them.

Studies are now also beginning to look at the microbiome of the soil and how it is impacted by industrial farming practices. Our food is becoming less nutritious by the minute as we continue to deplete our soils, by planting monocrops and tilling, not to mention the over use of toxic pesticides.

Happily there seems to be a growing number of small (and larger) farms that are converting to a more regenerative style of farming, including no till and using cover crops to help pull carbon back down from the atmosphere and into the soil. Bringing the soil back to life.

The health of the soil on earth will dictate our health moving forward. One of the best ways to benefit both you and the soil in your own garden is to walk in it barefoot. You are able to absorb minerals through the pours in your skin, and the soil is able to produce veggies more aligned with your nutrient needs. Momma Nature is a badass!

Moral of this story...Go ahead and get dirty!

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