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What is Metabolic Balance?

Our food has an enormous influence on the functions of all our body systems and processes and Metabolic Balance was developed with this knowledge. The plan is individually tailored to your needs and is backed by over 25 years of scientific research. The program is managed by a dedicated team of physicians and nutritional scientists.

I believe adequate nutrition for the body should be as natural as possible. The more a food has been processed and the more additives that have been added the more likely it will be to negatively affect the body.

Each plan is unique, just like you! It’s like your finger print. Plans are created using over 30 of your blood values, your body measurements and personal health information and we can adjust your plan to accommodate your needs and personal preferences, like allergies, diseases and food dislikes. This plan acts like a “road-map” that gives you the exact natural foods needed to orchestrate biochemical changes for individualized weight loss or management and health goals such as cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. The success of this program is attributed to naturally balancing insulin levels and streamlining digestion.

But what is your metabolism anyways? For most of us when we think metabolism, we think of our bodies ability to convert food into energy, but it's so much more than that. Your metabolism is the foundation for all important chemical reactions of the body. Every second the body is going through biochemical processes of build-up, degradation, and transformation by "metabolising" nutrients supplied to your cells. Only then can all your vital bodily functions take place. This includes all growth and repair processes, having oxygen supplied to all organs, the detoxification processes performed by your liver and the metabolism of carbon, protein, fat and minerals.

Your metabolism has an influence on your overall wellbeing. A high metabolism is great for energy levels and wellbeing. A metabolic disorder is what happens when there are nutrient deficiencies, missing enzymes and diseases of the pancreas, liver, endocrine glands and other organs involved in metabolism. Common problems associated with metabolic disorders include being overweight and diabetes. Simple dietary changes can help you boost your metabolism, balance your blood sugar levels, regulate your weight and help prevent many metabolic diseases. You will sleep better, have more energy, gain strength and muscle mass and improve your overall quality of life.

Enzymes and hormones help regulate your metabolism. They both control important body functions. Enzymes are like catalysts, they set bodily functions in order. Metabolic Balance helps you regulate both hormones and enzymes.

Maybe weight loss was the original push to get you here, but what you will leave with is less inflammation, better digestion, better energy and mood, balanced hormones, better sleep, clearer skin and the list goes on. What you won’t find here are diet pills, powders or shakes, no counting points and no cravings! Only real delicious whole foods that you can find at your grocery store or farmers market.

As your personal metabolic balance coach, I’m here to gently guide you through the process of changing your diet and lifestyle until you have reached your health goals. You will be surprised how empowering this program is and how easy it was to implement these changes. The best part is this is a completely sustainable program and you will continue with this new lifestyle because you have made the connection between what you are putting in your mouth and how you look and feel. You can eat more intuitively.

What does it look like to work with me?

  • Blood testing through a private lab

  • Your unique personalized meal plan

  • Minimum of 8 sessions for one on one coaching

  • Learn solid principles of eating healthy that will support you for life

  • Access to me in between sessions via text or email

  • Access to a private FB group for support and recipes

  • Zoom coaching sessions

I'd love to chat and find out if Metabolic Balance is the right fit for you. Send me a note to connect and we can set up a quick zoom or phone call to discuss.

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