Metabolic Balance is based on over 25 years of scientific research conducted by medical doctors, food scientists and nutritionists.  It is an all-natural program that considers over 36 blood markers, medical history as well as personal information to re-establish balance to your hormones, optimize your health and leads to long term, sustainable lifestyle changes.  It is not a diet, but an individualized plan fit for your biological needs. 


What’s included?

  • Personal coach - me!
  • Comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire 
  • Blood test for specific markers
  • Individualized nutritional program to fit your needs
  • Individualized meal plan with foods that fit your biological needs
  • Solid principles of healthy eating that will support you for life
  • 8 Individual coaching sessions
  • Access to the coach between sessions (text/email support)
  • Access to closed Facebook group to share, support and get inspired
  • Long distance and virtual coaching available 


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