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Kohlrabi summer’s little alien vegetable

Is it just me or does kohlrabi look like the little green aliens from Toy Story?

Kohlrabi, also called German turnip is particularly popular in Europe as a versatile spring vegetable. It’s a cruciferous vegetable related to broccoli and cauliflower. Despite its name (turnip) it’s not actually a root vegetable. It’s an easy veg to grow and it’s usually grown in early spring/summer here in Canada.

In most cases, only the lower part of the plant, the round stem, is used. It is a very digestible veg. The flesh is similar to a turnip and this funny looking vegetable has a slightly sweet and mild-nutty flavor and crunchy texture, especially delicious when eating raw. It can also be cooked and use in a stirfry or you an make kohlrabi fries.

The healthy kohlrabi scores with a high magnesium content and a considerable amount of vitamin C contained (63 mg/100 g) which is a potent antioxidant. It also has high levels of Vit B6 which supports immune health. Potassium, a mineral and electrolyte, is also found in this veg and is great for heart health and fluid balance. Kohlrabi is also a great source of magnesium.

It is full of fibre both soluble and insoluble. This promotes good gut health, supporting the intestines and preventing food cravings. For these and many more reasons Kohlrabi is a favourite vegetable on the Metabolic Balance program.

Soluble fibre is water-soluble and helps maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Soluble fibres travel through the digestive tract to the colon where they serve as a prebiotic, they feed the good bacteria in your gut and a healthy Microbiome is associated with a healthier immune system. On the other hand, insoluble fiber isn’t broken down in your intestine, helping to add bulk to your stool and promoting regular bowel movements.

By the way: Not only the stem, but also the delicate leaves of the kohlrabi are very healthy. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals – much more than the actual stem itself. So enjoy a pesto made of kohlrabi leaves or add them finely chopped into the salad.

Try this delicious summer recipe! Grab some locally grown strawberries and find Some kohlrabi at the farmers market.

Kohlrabi Fennel Salad

This delicious salad is perfect paired with a protein for a great lunch!


1 serving of feta

1 serving of vegetables (kohlrabi, fennel)

1 Tbsp. of flaxseed oil

1 Tbsp. of apple cider vinegar

1 serving of strawberries

Salt and pepper


Cut all the ingredients into small pieces. Mix the apple cider vinegar and flaxseed oil to make the dressing and then pour over all of the ingredients. Serve with your protein of choice and enjoy!

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