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Breathwork is an active meditation technique that assists emotional release in a safe and supportive environment. Through full deep rhythmic breathing, the conscious mind softens, allowing us to tune into our body wisdom to heal current stress, past wounds and traumas.

The experience moves energy and facilitates the release of emotions such as anger, grief and sadness. Breathwork can leave you feeling lighter, softer, open and less burdened. It may help you feel light in the mind and body, leaving space to make decisions in your most intuitive state.


You will be guided through a combination of different types of breaths for different durations, speeds and intensities together with breath holds or retentions. This affects the central nervous system and ripples out as physical, mental and emotional changes. Breathwork is like a light shining on all the shadows - mental and emotional - so that you can become aware of them and consciously let them go.

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